Red Dirt Country Star on the rise!

Sterling Elza is a Red Dirt singer/songwriter raised deep in the Texas Panhandle. Born into a ranching family that already had 3 musicians, Sterling  took to music from the beginning with guitar lessons starting at the age of 5. Drawing influences from his parents music which could range from “old school Red Dirt” to top 40 country all the way to grunge and classic rock, Sterling began his musical journey. Sterling continued taking guitar lessons until he moved to Florida where he played tennis at the IMG Academy. After the passing of his uncle – “Big Ster” -- and 3 years in Florida, Sterling decided it was time to make a change and fully commit to a life and career in music. A move back to Texas seemed like the perfect choice for a budding songwriter. Now calling New Braunfels home, Sterling is launching into the Red Dirt scene with the release of his debut album in the Fall. The love of music and the passion to perform drive him to continue perfecting his craft and learning from some of the best in the business.  With a five piece band and a wall of sound, it won’t be long before Sterling Elza is a household name in Red Dirt music.